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 Automotive Media
Wheelsboy is the leading English-language automotive media in China, providing a unique glimpse into the ever-changing world of the Chinese automotive market through our test drives, reviews, and other content.
Content Provider
Wheelsboy works with leading automotive media and other institutions around the world to create engaging content about the Chinese automotive market that they can share with their audiences.
Consulting business
Wheelsboy provides consulting services on many aspects of the Chinese automotive industry, including design trends, consumer research, branding, and more. Our team can produce in-depth reports that will help you succeed in the fast-moving China auto market.
Seaman Xiang
General Manager& Broadcast Director
Co-founder of the Wheelsboy, a senior member of the Chinese automotive media, and former head of AutoBild TV China. He has been engaged in automotive reporting since 2007, with a focus on video content.
Core Team Members
Justin Chen
Editor-in-Chief & Content Director
Co-founder of the Wheelboy and a senior member of the automotive media who has been engaged in the creation of automotive content for more than 11 years. He previously served as the New Media Editor-in-Chief of the China branch of Auto Motor und Sport, and as well as the content editor for mainstream Chinese automotive media including Autohome and 58che.

Core Team Members
Ethan Robertson
Chief Content Manager
American, proficient in English and Chinese, responsible for video scripts and hosting, popular among Chinese and foreign netizens.
Core Team Members
Mark Andrews
Chief Editor
A senior British car critic who has lived in Shanghai for 13 years and contributed articles to many domestic and foreign automotive professional media. His views are rigorous and objective, and his knowledge of Chinese market vehicles is second-to-none. Since joining Wheelsboy in 2020, he has mainly recorded English-language car reviews for distribution both overseas and domestically.
Core Team Members
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